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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I schedule my move?

Earlier the better. In order to get your preferred move date it's wise to give your moving company 2-3 weeks notice, if possible.


Is Careful Movers fully licensed and insured?

Careful Movers is licensed by both Public Utility Commission and CA State Department of Transportation. We carry all proper insurance and always ready to provide it on your behalf.


Is Careful Movers locally owned and operated?

Yes we are! Why is that important? We are not a branch or franchise of an out of state corporation. Your referral to your friends and family is very important to us, so we work hard to satisfy every customer.


What is double drive time?

Drive time between your origin and destination is doubled. It is a state law and is a requirement for all moving companies in CA. For example: if it takes 20 minutes to drive from your origin to your destination, the total drive time becomes 40 minutes.


What is basic insurance coverage?

This is often called limited liability and the minimum coverage required by law. It is included in hourly rate and does not cost you any extra money. This minimal amount of liability must be provided to any consumer when transporting goods. Loss or damage claims are settled based on the weight of the article or furniture multiplied by 60 cents. For example: if you have a 100 pound dresser and it got damaged in transit, you would be entitled to a total of $60.


What is considered overtime?

If movers work over eight consecutive hours in one day, it is considered overtime. It is a CA law and is charged 1.5 times of the regular rate. Overtime doesn’t apply to flat rate moves.


How to prepare appliances for the move?

You should always make sure your washer and refrigerator are completely defrosted, drained and emptied on the moving day.




Packing Tips



  • Don't wait. Start packing 2-3 weeks before your move.
  • Begin packing things you use least: books, seasonal clothing, pictures, etc.
  • Use the opportunity to organize. Donate things or furniture you no longer need or use.
  • Use strong boxes, small for heavier items, such as books; large for lighter, pillows or blankets.
  • To stay neat, concentrate on packing one room at a time, stacking finished boxes against a wall.
  • Label boxes properly, indicating each box's source room, and description; it will make unpacking easier.
  • Pack alarm clocks, medication, valuables and urgent items in a separate, clearly marked box.
  • Don't apply tape directly to polished or painted wood finishes. Removing the tape could ruin the surface.
  • Please don't pack non-allowable.



These items are flammable, corrosive or explosive and are not allowed inside the truck:

  • Paint
  • Paint thinner
  • Kerosene
  • Gasoline
  • Charcoal lighter
  • Fireworks
  • Fertilizers
  • Aerosol
  • Propane tanks
  • Pool chemicals
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cleaning Solvents

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